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April Podcasts

April 2, 2014

Legacy Spotlight featuring Anucha Browne,
Vice President of Women’s Basketball Championships, NCAA



“This is a pretty unique city. The collaboration between the Nashville Local Organizing Committee, the Ohio Valley Conference, and all of the entities we brought together has been tireless. There has been so much excitement and build up around the Women’s Final Four since 2008. So it’s just a joy to see everything come together and everyone work together—we are incredibly excited about this finally being here!”

March Podcasts

March 26, 2014

Legacy Spotlight featuring Tracy Wolfson,
National sportscaster covering SEC and NFL football, NCAA Basketball, and the NBA



“Nashville – I didn’t get to spend enough time, when I was pulling out I couldn’t believe all of the things I had missed and not gotten a chance to see. I have been covering the SEC for ten years and I haven’t even made it to Nashville, I feel like I have been missing out and I think it’s a perfect place to host an event like that.”

March 19, 2014

Legacy Spotlight featuring Candace Parker,
Professional basketball player, WNBA’s Los Angeles Sparks and UMMC Ekaterinburg of Russia, former UT Lady Vol



“Every year just being in the WNBA and seeing the rookies that are coming in, the type of talent that they have, the game is definitely growing. It’s been fun for me to watch, just the players at Tennessee grow, Megan from her freshman year to her senior year now, Izzy, I’m very impressed with how she is playing and what she is able to do and accomplish, Bashaara… I’m really excited about where women’s basketball is headed.”

March 17, 2014

Legacy Spotlight featuring Isabelle Harrison,
Junior, Center, University of Tennessee Women’s Basketball Team



“Growing up in Nashville you would never think of something like that that you are involved with could be where you are from, so being able to play in front of my family and friends, and I know we have a lot of games in front of us, would just mean the world to me.”

March 12, 2014

Legacy Spotlight featuring Amanda Butler,
University of Florida Women’s Basketball Head Coach



“If you grow up in the mid-state, our state, and you play basketball it’s just something really special. I know the high schools and communities in the area do so such a fantastic job of making girls and women’s basketball important. I always feel so blessed to have grown up in an environment I always felt that, I always felt like what I was doing on Tuesday nights and Friday night was significant.”

March 5, 2014

Legacy Spotlight featuring Dawn Staley,
University of South Carolina Women’s Basketball Head Coach



“It does make sense, the way that the fans come out and support Tennessee and I also Vandy, it’s a basketball rich state and I’m glad it’s in a state that the SEC has two teams that compete at a very high level and hopefully the women’s basketball community comes out in droves and shows just what kind of state that supports women’s basketball like Tennessee is.”

February Podcasts

February 26, 2014

Legacy Spotlight featuring Kim Mulkey,
Baylor University Women’s Basketball Head Coach



“You are exactly right, I’d love to be in Nashville in the first week of April.”

February 19, 2014

Legacy Spotlight featuring Brenda Frese,
University of Maryland Women’s Basketball Head Coach



“Everyone on behalf of women’s college basketball is thrilled to be going to Tennessee and everyone knows it’s a hotbed of a state and young girls grow up watching this game and how fitting for it to be brought to the state of Tennessee and I know it will be well attended and everyone is just excited to get there.”

February 13, 2014

Legacy Spotlight featuring Melanie Balcomb,
Vanderbilt University Women’s Basketball Head Coach



“I would love to showcase our city and everything that we have for people. What a great opportunity, thousands of players and coaches and teams and fans come to Nashville and really show all of the great things we have done downtown and in our city, our arena and new convention center, I just can’t believe we haven’t done it before so I’m looking forward to it.”

February 4, 2014

Legacy Spotlight featuring Mary Jo Kane,
Director of the Tucker Center for Research on Girls & Women in Sport at the University of Minnesota



“Most folks don’t know, especially sports fans, is that 40% of all sports participants nationwide who play sports are female, and 43% of all scholarship athletes are female, but female athletes only receive about 2-4% of all sports media coverage.”

January Podcasts

January 29, 2014

Legacy Spotlight featuring Sylvia Hatchell,
University of North Carolina Women’s Basketball Head Coach



“Thanks to all the people out there in the basketball world. They have just embraced me like you can’t imagine. I have heard from the men and women coaches from all over the United States – the way they have remembered me with phone calls and cards and especially, more than anything else, the prayers. And all of those prayers have been answered, my cancer is in remission. I’m going to be fine, a little more time, this is a marathon not a sprint!”

January 22, 2014

Legacy Spotlight featuring Sue Donohoe,
Executive Director of the Kay Yow Cancer Fund



“On the court, Coach Kay Yow was a legend in the basketball community…but maybe her biggest contribution is establishing the Kay Yow Fund. She wanted to take the women’s basketball community and raise funds to support cancer research and one of the things she wanted us to do was in each Women’s Final Four city is award a research grant, and that’s what we have done at the Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center.”

January 20, 2014

Legacy Spotlight featuring Joanne P. McCallie,
Duke University Women’s Basketball Head Coach



“I think it’s fantastic. Nashville is such a great city. People in Tennessee just really appreciate basketball…I think it’s outstanding, terrific and I know everyone wants to get there.”

January 17, 2014

Legacy Spotlight featuring Stefanie Dolson,
Senior, Center, UConn Women’s Basketball Team



“I think it makes it a lot more interesting for people to watch, instead of a team blowing another team out by 30 or 40 all the time. I think it makes it more surprising; you don’t know what will happen, you may have teams that aren’t as good, not ranked, beat ranked teams. It just makes it more exciting for the fans and for us, you have to get ready for any team because you know that they could beat you, it’s a lot more fun now I think.”

January 8, 2014

Legacy Spotlight featuring Tara VanDerveer,
Stanford University Women’s Basketball Head Coach



“I know it will be a great experience for everyone that goes. Tennessee has a reputation for very friendly, welcoming people, so I know the teams and the fans will have a fabulous experience. We just want to be one of those four teams.”

December Podcasts


December 20, 2013

Legacy Spotlight featuring Muffet McGraw,
University of Notre Dame Women’s Basketball Head Coach



“It is a fantastic event. It’s sold out for so many years and has been in some great places, and what a great city to come to—I think everybody’s excited about coming to Nashville. There’s so much to do and so much going on, in addition to the great basketball that is going to be played.”

Jeff Walz

December 16, 2013

Legacy Spotlight featuring Jeff Walz,
University of Louisville Women’s Basketball Head Coach



“We are doing everything we can as a team to get back there and play in Nashville. I know a lot of our fans would make a simple 2½ hour drive.”

Teresa Phillips

December 11, 2013

Legacy Spotlight featuring Teresa Phillips,
Athletic Director, Tennessee State University



“It’s been a dream come true for me…being able to have it in my hometown city. I have made it to 19 out of the last 20 Final Fours.”

Holly Warlick

December 4, 2013

Legacy Spotlight featuring Holly Warlick,
University of Tennessee Women’s Basketball Head Coach



“It would be fantastic for us, I know playing in the final four, it should be every team’s goal, that’s what you play for to win a championship. I think us, like everyone else wants to be there, it is especially fun for us to get there with all of the fans in Tennessee.”

November Podcasts

Betty Wiseman

November 20, 2013

Legacy Spotlight featuring Betty Wiseman,
student, coach, and professor at Belmont University



“It was just my privilege to begin our women’s basketball program in 1968, one of the first in the southeast and very successful program, and Title IX came along and other schools and universities began to highlight women’s sports and to watch it through the years, grow and progress and where it is today, it’s pretty unbelievable to look back.”

Ayla Brown

November 13, 2013

Legacy Spotlight featuring Ayla Brown,
Recording Artist, American Idol finalist, Boston College All-American basketball player



“This is going to be huge. People don’t think women’s basketball is exciting, but we have women who can dunk! We are seeing a higher caliber of playing right now.”

Rick Insell

November 6, 2013

Legacy Spotlight featuring Rick Insell,
MTSU Women’s Basketball Head Coach



On the Final Four taking place in Nashville: “What it’s doing is rewarding the women’s basketball fans in the state of Tennessee…the state of Tennessee is probably the best women’s basketball — high school and college — state that there is out there.”

October Podcasts

Anucha Browne

October 30, 2013

Legacy Spotlight premiere featuring Anucha Browne,
NCAA Vice President of Women’s Basketball Championships



“If you haven’t been to a Final Four, you haven’t lived yet because the Final Four is a party comparable to no other party and it’s a celebration of the student-athletes. More importantly, it’s a celebration of the game of basketball.”